Black History Month: Dr. Cornel West on Late Late Show

For the start of Black History Month, Craig Ferguson welcomed philosopher Dr. Cornel West on The Late Late Show. I happened to have the show on, and as it progressed, I wondered, “Am I really seeing this intelligent conversation on a late night talk show?”

Besides musical guest George Clinton, the only guest on the show was Dr. West. Ferguson began by noting that just for that night, the show would proceed without some of its sillier elements, like his usual robot sidekick, Geoff Peterson (who is actually more of a commentary on late night sidekicks). Ferguson and Dr. West discussed various topics including race, music, Huckleberry Finn, slavery, and U.S. citizenship. It was an intelligent conversation about important issues with a little humor thrown in for good measure. And I probably learned more from it than any of the arguments and debates featured on most cable news channels. Linda Holmes at NPR also wrote about this “extraordinary conversation.”

A clip from the interview with Dr. West on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is here:

Did you see the show? What did you think? Leave a comment.

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