Adjustment Bureau (Short Review)

Adjustment Bureau (2011) has engaging actors in Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, some cool uses of New York City landmarks, and an interesting plot idea from a short story by Philip K. Dick. From the previews, I expected an intelligent movie with something to say about life and free will, with a thoughtful twist on reality as in movies like Inception and The Matrix.

Instead, The Adjustment Bureau never reached very deep and is more of an action-romance movie, diverging from the interesting original Philip K. Dick story, “Adjustment Team.” I will not ruin the ending of the movie, but a darker ending inspired by film noir movies instead of the predictable conclusion might have made the movie more memorable. It is not a bad movie, and in some ways is like a light fantasy version of the Bourne movies on some level, so it is enjoyable. I just wanted more.

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