The Great Lost Career of Marty Brown

I am fascinated when I read about people who traveled around the United States in the early and mid-twentieth century discovering great blues musicians and folk songs. The music was always there, but more of it might have dwelled permanently in obscurity had the music not been recorded. Those tales seem stuck in the past, because with modern technology and the Internet almost anyone can post something on YouTube.

But there remains talented artists who fall through the cracks.  These lost artists make one wonder if the future may hold a revival for some late in their careers or after they are dead — modern legends who are ghosts to us, just as Robert Johnson’s image and music embrace us across time. I hope that some day the world will rediscover Marty Brown.

Marty Brown’s Early Career

Marty Brown had some success in the 1990s with several outstanding albums. In 1990, he released his debut album, High And Dry which was not a big hit but did modestly well. One music critic gave the album an A+, saying Brown is “the sweetest surprise to ride the train in a long, long time and so authentically country he probably still has a tick in his navel.”

Small radio stations played his songs, but the big country radio stations ignored him, opting for less twangy artists. Brown’s voice and his heartbreak songs led writers to compare him to Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers, such as on the title song to the album. But I first heard of Brown when I saw the video for “Every Now and Then,” perhaps playing on VH-1 or CMT, with his Everly Brothers-type vocals.

Marty Brown was born in 1965 in the tiny Ohio River tobacco farming community of Maceo, Kentucky featured in the above video. He began writing his own songs when he was fourteen, sneaking away with a friend to play music at honky-tonk bars.

Later, Brown began making numerous trips to Nashville seeking a record deal while sleeping in an alley on Music Row. In 1991, the CBS news magazine show 48 Hours featured the artist in a story on country music.  The feature led to Brown’s record deal with MCA.

During the Autumn of 1991, Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine described Brown’s tour to promote High and Dry.   During the tour, Brown rode in the record company’s 1969 Cadillac convertible to perform at fairs and Wal-Marts throughout the South. At each Wal-Mart, he performed on a small stage in a store aisle with little amplification. Fans brought him homemade cookies and fishing lures.

At that time, the 26-year-old was already divorced with two kids and living with his parents. Just months before starting the tour, he was working as a plumber’s helper, making $5 an hour. While on his first tour, he explained that his goals were to buy his dad a bean field, put his kids through college, get a nice trailer for himself, and “not live no highfalutin life style.”

The comparisons to Hank Williams continued. Somewhere around this time, Brown was filmed backstage at the Grand Ole Opry singing Hank’s “Moanin’ the Blues” for a German documentary about the country-music legend.


Brown’s Excellent Next Three Albums

In 1993, Brown tried to reach a wider audience with the more diverse Wild Kentucky Skies, which is one of my favorite albums. The album features break-up songs like “It Must Be the Rain” and love songs like “God Knows.” A folk ballad he wrote about his grandmother’s death, “She’s Gone,” would not sound out of place on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. During this time, he toured with Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

The title song, below, features a more lush production than a lot of his other honky-tonk songs, but there is still an aching country sound. One of his family members told a story about how Brown kept the Nashville Symphony Orchestra waiting the morning of the recording because he had a craving for a Big Mac.  But then he nailed the song on the second take. “Wild Kentucky Skies” should be the official Kentucky state song.

Marty Brown – Wild Kentucky Skies

{ Wild Kentucky Skies – Marty Brown}

In 1994, Brown released another excellent album, Cryin’ Lovin’ Leavin’, making a run of three outstanding albums in four years. AllMusic rates each of his first three albums 4-5 stars out of 5.

Brown did not sound like slick Nashville country.  But the record company still hoped for Brown’s widespread success because it was the early 1990s.  During this time, other neotraditionalist and alternative country artists like Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam were breaking through and building audiences.

Brown received some critical acclaim.  But again the sales were not as high as the record company wanted. MCA Records dropped him.

Brown then signed with the independent label Hightone and released Here’s to the Honky Tonks in 1996. For the most part, Brown wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on his four albums.  And on Here’s to the Honky Tonks, he co-wrote almost all of them (including one track covered by Engelbert Humperdinck). The CD again garnered critical praise but weak sales.

He performed one of the songs from the album, “You Can’t Wrap Your Arms Around a Memory,” on Prime Time Country on TNN.  On the show, he also explained that he was inspired to write the song while watching The Honeymooners late at night. [2015 Update: Unfortunately, that video is no longer available on YouTube.]

The Music Appears to Stop

And then after the four albums, that was it. Marty Brown disappeared. Only Here’s to the Honky Tonks remained in print.  If you look him up on CMT or or Wikipedia, the official story ends in 1996 with Here’s to the Honky Tonks.

In the early 2000’s, I found an address for a fan club in his hometown of Maceo, Kentucky, so I wrote to the address.  But I never received a response.

But of course there is more to the story. As country music became more pop-oriented, Marty Brown disappeared from the limelight and did not perform except for family reunions. But he continued to write songs, and a few were recorded by other stars. He co-wrote 1998’s “I’m From the Country” for Tracy Byrd.

As time passed, Brown fell on some hard times as he fell out of the spotlight. In subsequent years the former local hero’s name occasionally appeared in the local newspaper in unfortunate stories unrelated to his music. For example, in 1997, just one year after Here’s to the Honky Tonks was released, Brown pleaded guilty in Indiana to a misdemeanor charge for taking an old engine block and selling it for scrap metal. He explained that he found the block in an alley, but he was fined and sentenced to probation.

Hope for a Comeback?

In the last few years, though, there have been signs of a career struggling to resurrect. Around 2008, a MySpace page popped up, selling a new CD he recorded with his son Marty Brown Jr. called Somethin’ Real. The website included some photos, showing that he had aged and was no longer the skinny kid in his early videos.

I ordered two copies of the new CD. When I received them, the cover label was merely a copy of the 1996 Here’s to the Honky Tonks cover, but it included an autograph. Despite the amateur packaging and non-major label recording, the new music still had some of the magic.  On songs like the wonderful “She’s Beautiful Everywhere” he showed his voice remains one of the most authentic country voices around.

Today, a few years later, the MySpace page seems to be gone. Another webpage has information about buying the album and a mailing address.  But it is unclear if the sales are still operating since the MySpace page linked to the site is gone. A Facebook fan page merely includes the abbreviated Wikipedia bio. [Update July 2011: See comments below for updated Facebook and other information.]

His son Marty Brown Jr. has a MySpace page but there is no mention of the music he made with his father. There are only a few Marty Brown videos on YouTube, and they do not fully illustrate his range.

Still, Marty Brown has not completely disappeared. In October 2010, he played at the Roxy Theater in Franklin, Kentucky. He still performs as a local celebrity, and he writes songs with new artists, as shown in this session with Michael Ray.

I suspect fans who live in his area appreciate his talent, and his work is influencing others, including his son Marty Brown Jr. as well as another talented young son who writes his own music. But Marty Brown should be getting national attention from genuine country music lovers.

What Happened?

Why did his national career die out in the 1990s? Not enough people connected with his music.  You can blame that on several things, ranging from the promotion to his musical style.

I love his music, although I realize that his hardcore traditional country sound is not everyone’s cup of tea. For example, after I loaned a Marty Brown CD to a country fan friend, he told me he loved the CD but “my wife said she’d divorce me if I ever play that music again.” In the comments section under a Marty Brown video, one person wrote: “I never want to hear this song again.”

Maybe Marty Brown’s career stalled because the man was too authentic. He remained rooted in his small town, and even as his career was taking off, his dream remained to buy a trailer for his family. It is difficult to imagine him hanging out with the Nashville elite.

Some of my friends make fun of country music, but most Nashville singers can hang out with the big eastern city folk while at the same time maintaining some connection to the country. John Rich and Trace Adkins sing about being country boys, but they excelled in New York City on Celebrity Apprentice. I cannot picture Tim McGraw and Faith Hill doing yard work, but I can imagine Marty Brown mowing a lawn.

Many country singers come from small-town roots and they maintain that connection, but stardom takes them to another level. Even Steve Earle, authentic as they come and another brilliant artist who spent some years in the wilderness after encountering fame, moved to Greenwich Village.

Maybe Marty Brown would have moved on if he had he found lasting fame, but I cannot imagine him living in New York City or Atlanta or any other large city. He was always too attached to his roots, as shown by the video of “Every Now and Then.” He was and remains connected to his place and locked in time like many folk singers and old blues musicians. In spite of his amazing talent, destiny apparently prevented him from being a big star on a national stage.

Brown described his fear of obscurity in a 1992 Los Angeles Times article: “I’d go to bed at night, crying myself to sleep,” he recounted. “I’d ask the Lord why he gave me this talent to write these songs just to have them sit in a drawer.”

Maybe some day when Marty Brown is an old man playing acoustic guitar in a cabin in Kentucky, someone with recording equipment will go visit him to get one more album out of the music sitting in drawer. And when people hear the music, they will wonder why there were not more Marty Brown recordings — just like I wonder about the lost folk and blues recordings from the early 1900s.

Do have any favorite artists who have disappeared? Do you know anything about Marty Brown? Leave a comment.

{June 2011 Update: See comments below for new developments since this post was published. If you are looking for news on upcoming performances by Marty Brown and his family, Shellie Brown has posted some information about shows in the comments.} {Update June 2013: Marty Brown returned to the national stage on “America’s Got Talent”!}

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    212 thoughts on “The Great Lost Career of Marty Brown”

    1. Marty is as real as country gets.

      He gigs occasionally in Franklin, close to the Tennessee line (70 miles or so from Maceo).

      His family is still in Maceo. His momma is good people (as we say Down Home – I grew up about 20 miles from where he did). His brother married my second cousin’s daughter. I’ve called and talked to his momma a time or two and she seemed happy to talk – but if too many people started doing that she might not be so pleased.

      Do yourself a favor and buy his CDs – they’re available on ebay though they’re out of print.

    2. Thanks for the news and the comment. I hope his momma knows there are still people out there who admire her son’s music. I also encourage people to look around for his early CD’s as they are out there. Over the years it has broke my heart to see them pop up in the discount bins.

    3. I posted a version of this story on the No Depression magazine website, where it was a featured post and garnered some additional comments. One person posted these links to Marty Brown demos from 2003 that Kurt Fortmeyer co-wrote with Brown. This first one is to “Mama Raised Me Right”:

      I really like this one, called “Over the Edge,” which certainly has an edge to it:

      Here is a link to Fortmeyer’s page which includes audio to another Marty Brown recording, “You Can’t Fool Love,” as well as some of Formeyer’s other work:

    4. Thanks again. FYI, the link does say it is Marty Brown’s “First TNN Interview,” but it only shows him sitting on the couch for a few seconds as the host introduces a performance by BR549, which takes up the rest of the clip. From the clothes, etc., it appears to be from the same Prime Time Country Show featured in the main post here, where Mraty Brown is interviewed after singing “You Can’t Wrap Your Arms Around a Memory.”

    5. Marty’s record label promoted him as “From the hills of Kentucky”. Well, no – he is from Maceo, which is in WESTERN Kentucky, while the “hills” are the Appalachian Mountains of EASTERN Kentucky, a couple hundred miles away.

    6. I too love Marty Brown’s music, I play his songs all the time in my car and never get tired of listening to his pure voice. I don’t know why he never became really big in country music, his stye is timeless. He’s a wonderful songwriter, who should be making music. I have all his cds, some extra copies, in case I play them too much. I hope he will make another cd, I would put my order in for two right now 🙂 Marty Brown is the BEST!!

      1. Fran,

        Hi! I am excited to tell you that Marty does have some new music out right now. I have put together two cd’s: All American Cowboy which includes 10 songs from 2006 – 2009 recordings Marty made in Nashville, and Marty Brown – Exclusive which is a 12-song album of the most recent songs written and recorded by Marty in Nashville. (2011 – 2012). I also have an album that was recorded in 2002 at Emerald Studios called American Son. And, last but not least, I have put together a 9-song Christmas CD of original Marty Brown Christmas and Country/Christian songs. If you love Marty Brown’s music, you won’t be disappointed in any of these four albums, all $10 each, and you can write to me at I can even have Marty sign the cd’s for you!

        Look forward to hearing from you soon!

        Shellie Brown

    7. This is a great article. I’m “another talented young son” I tripped when that link went to my Youtube channel. I write more pop songs that anything. I obviously have country in my blood and I love to hear and play it. I’ve just never been too good at writing it! He’s still writing great songs. My favorite as of late is a song called “Picture Behind the Picture” He wrote it after watching an A&E Biography about the Mona Lisa. I wish you could hear it. I had it on CD but I loaned it to an friend who lost it. I haven’t seen Marty for almost a year now. Little Marty has a Facebook Fanpage that is listing upcoming shows. They’re booked as “The Brown Family” so I think that might mean Marty’s in it. Good to see this article. I swear that “Randall Head” guy has made that comment about the hills being in the East on almost everything you can find of Marty on the internet. I’m over it.

    8. Thanks for stopping by Andrew and for the comment. It’s good to hear he is still writing great songs, and I do wish I could hear “Picture Behind the Picture.” I really like your song “It’s All Aglow” that I linked in the article, and I hope to hear more from you. Take care.

    9. Marty Brown and his son, Marty Brown JR. and wife, Shellie will be performing on Tuesday, May 31st for the Summer Cruisin’ Classic at the Oasis Restaurant in Franklin, Kentucky from 7 – 9 pm. Free to public, live music on the patio. Great country music! Come join us.

    10. Thanks Shellie. Feel free to keep us updated. I’ll have to get out there one of these days. We look forward to hearing more of your music too. Have a great show and give our best to your husband.

      1. Show was awesome tonight. Marty’s son’s, Andrew Brown Estes, and Marty Brown Jr. played original songs and jammed all night from 6:30 – 9:15 pm. I will let you know when and where we are playing again. Hopefully soon! My friend, Tara Solomon, harmony singer for Roy Clark and Melba Montgomery, drove up from Nashville to accompany me. It was all a blast! Can’t wait for the next time.

    11. Marty Brown Jr. will be performing live during Fan Fair/CMA week at the Tin Roof off Music Row between 5 – 7 pm on Thursday, June 9th. Marty Jr. is following in his father’s footsteps in country music, but doing it his own way. Marty Jr. has played with bands such as the Waylon Jennings Band, and new recording artist, Craig Hand.

      Free to public. Come join us for the next generation of Brown’s in country music.

    12. Thanks again for the comments and updates Shellie. For people who find the main article who are looking for information on shows featuring Marty Brown and his family, I added a line at the end of the original post above that they may find some information about shows in your comments. Take care.

    13. Here’s some news about an upcoming performance:

      “Marty Brown will be performing on Saturday night, July 16th at Scott’s City Limits in Edmonton, Kentucky. Check out the their website for all artists performing on Saturday night. This is a family atmosphere, dance floor, and an all-star Nashville band. ”

      Also, he is scheduled to play at the Sol Aztecca Mexican Restaurant in Franklin, KY on Saturday, July 30th at 8 pm.

      There’s a new Facebook page you may follow for updates on Marty Brown too:

    14. Please keep the updates coming. I’ve been a big Marty Brown fan for years and love his music. Would love to see him in concert. Marty, please come back to Broadway and play Robert’s Westen World.

    15. We’ll try to post any updates we hear. Glad to hear you are a fan, and thanks for the comment.

    16. Thanks for writing this article! I’ve been a fan from (almost) the beginning, and felt robbed when MCA dropped him. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I’d blame MCA’s shortsightedness as the reason we aren’t getting to hear Marty’s creations.

      But we live in the world of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, so I’d really like to see Marty’s people pull out a video camera and get him out there. From what I’m seeing, Marty’s music doesn’t have “fans” so much as “disciples,” and that’s something most artists can only aspire to. If Marty stays away much longer I expect music historians to be kicking our memories someday when they’re trying to locate his lost works.

      If Marty’s interested in a comeback, there’s no reason an unconventional artist like him should take a conventional path. Marty Brown’s music is a national treasure. Just get Marty out there with his unrecorded works, and his talents will speak for themselves. With all he has going for him, I tend to think he’s only one community manager (social networking guru) away from making it happen.

      Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    17. PS: It’s so great to see the updates on Marty’s upcoming performances! I hope I can make it, now that I know where to go! 🙂

    18. Bradd, great to hear from you. One benefit of this website has been finding out there are a lot of Marty Brown fans still out there. From different sources, it does appear that he has continued writing a lot of songs, so yes it would be great if more of the music gets out there through the sources you mention. In the meantime, I also agree it is great to know that he is still performing. Take care.

    19. I can’t believe I found this info! So excited! Feared that Marty had disappeared. So glad to hear that he’s still sharing his talents. Keeping my fingers crossed that a new release is forthcoming soon. And yes, I’m a disciple of this man. It’s time others join me in my devoutness. I spread the word about Marty and share the music I have. Give us a Christmas present, Marty … and get some of your new stuff out there! Please … keep the info coming …

      1. Marilyn,
        It’s always great to hear from another Marty Brown fan. We’ll keep you posted on any news we hear. Thanks for the comment.

    20. Thank You for the updates on Marty Brown. I loved his music and have his CDs. he is a true country artist, and it’s a shame that record companies and radio are only interested in promoting who’s “hot” at the moment, and ignoring talented, authentic country musicians.–Cherie

    21. I loved Marty and his music from the moment we saw him. We made a trip to Maceo to see where he came from and we were so sad that he wasn’t given a chance he deserved because he wasn’t the typical “cool guy”. He was a sweetheart with a true love of his music and such a great talent. Please lets bring him back.

    22. I was wondering what happened to Marty Brown tonight for some reason. I used to host a bluegrass radio show in Bellevue WA back in the 90’s and I remember his High and Dry album was loved by most of the staff at the station. I am sorry he didn’t make it in the Nashville scene. He was quite popular in the “folk” and college radio world at the time. He may not be interested in expending the kind of energy it takes to “push” your stuff these days but I agree with one of the posters here that he would be most welcome in the alternative country music world or as he termed it, “non conventional”. Bluegrass festivals would love to have him too.
      Thanks for all the music you did record Marty. I hope to hear more. You are a GREAT singer.

      1. You’re right that he would be a hit at bluegrass festivals too. Let’s hope to see him performing on the road soon. Thanks for the comment and the story about the radio show.

    23. marty brown should make a comeback i need to hear true country music there isnt any good country music now a days like back then need some good songs that you could sing to as well im also sick of record labels choosing whats played hope he makes new album soon

    24. Look, the reason Marty Brown isn’t more widely known is rather simple: Nashville sucks. While timing is obviously a factor, his lack of “success” has very little, if anything, to do with his music or talent, or being too authentic and traditional. Every now and then something squeaks through the music industry’s grim, dank doors at just the right time that’s actually halfway good, but it’s rare. Only the very few and extremely lucky make it. So called “country music” has been horrible for years, if not for decades. (Honestly, the same can be said for most radio pop genres.) Nowadays, country is all about young, pretty faces in squeaky clean costumes that perfectly display their smokin’ hot bodies while singing sugar-coated crap-pop with absurdly shallow lyrics — maybe a little bit of fiddle added in for a tip-of-the-hat to the old time tradition (sort of). It’s insulting and borderline shameful. Generally speaking, if you’re a guy like Brown expecting Nashville and it’s big bad country-pop juggernaut to give one flying flip about you and your talent, well, forget it. You are likely end up terribly disappointed and left with a drawer full of songs no one hears. Nashville has been ruined and can no longer be the destination for the likes of folks like Marty Brown. He and his music has no business in Nashville — not then, not now. Americanna/alternative country is the only hope (and even those genres, in my opinion, are getting over saturated with way too many “so-so” acts these days — heck, even bluegrass music is starting to become homogenized… again.) Known fact: The majority of good music and true talent — in rock, country, most genres — does not get the attention it deserves, often going completely unheard by the masses. Sadly, it’s always been that way. But in my opinion, that’s not necessarily all bad — it keeps the music fresh, unique, something special. So, what is the silver lining, you ask?… There is a ton of really good music out there in great abundance! Tons of it! And if you are willing to dig around in stores (usually the independent ones) and online and venture off the beaten path to places/venues you’ve never been, you CAN find lots of truly amazing independent music and art — the REAL stuff. I’m stating the obvious, here, I guess. But fortunately now, the Web makes it all too easy to find and enjoy these hidden treasures. So, there’s no excuse — support underground music! Maybe if enough people do it and stop accepting what they are constantly fed by the absurd mainstream music industry via corporate radio/tv, Wal-Mart, etc., these ‘unknown’ artists will slowly over time become more and more known. And, to all the ‘Marty Browns’ out there in the world struggling to get their music/art noticed: Just do what you do on your own terms, if it feels right, and enjoy it for what it is — don’t fret too much about the rest. Just worry about where the next note is coming from. If only a few ever become fans, then at least you’ve succeeded in making someone happy… and that’s huge. Always remember, success in the arts can be measured many different ways despite the common belief, particularly in America, that only wealth and fame can validate one’s success… Appreciation for art doesn’t have to include a love affair with capitalism. Again, I’m stating the obvious. I will now step down from my soap box.

    25. Tonight I thought about some country singer/songwriter who slept in a Nashville alley and had a great song, “Every Now and Then.” I couldn’t remember his name, but I googled and found his old videos on YouTube, and then wondered whatever became of him since and that led to this article. It’s so tragic that a genuine talent like Marty Brown, authentic country to the core, fell through the cracks while CMT and what passes for country music these days has went all to hell. It’s been craptastic since the mid-90s and there’s no sign of it getting any better. Lightweight pop fluff with a few fiddles thrown in so you can call it country.
      The music business has changed though with everything going digital and available on YouTube. Any chance of this man posting any of his later stuff on YouTube?

      1. Glad you found the post and the other fans here. You’re right about it being a shame. It would be great to see some new stuff on YouTube, though here is a recent video of a song he did with Michael Ray that was posted last year. The main article above has a link, but I’ll put the video for “Treat Her Like She’s Royalty” here too:

        Thanks for the comment!

      1. We haven’t heard of any recent shows from the Brown family, but hopefully more will be scheduled soon and we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything. Thanks for the comment.

    26. I have always loved Marty Brown – even went to see him at the Wal Mart in Lawrenceburg, TN in 1992 during the time he was doing the Wal Mart tour and bringing his whole set-up in the back of his pickup truck. I helped him load back up when he was done. For the last nine years we have been having a monthly series we call Country 101 (by invite only) in a private home where artists come and talk about thier life story and sing their songs. I have been wanting to get in touch with Marty Brown and his son (even his family if he wishes) and have him for our special guest in Gallatin, TN. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with him to discuss this please let me know (I am on facebook at Thanks so much!

      1. Richard, I passed on the information for if they are in the area.

        FYI, the last I heard, there are no shows currently planned but hopefully they will start up again by summer.

    27. Marty Brown will be making a rare appearance at Wha Bah Steakhouse next Friday night, March 30th at 9 pm. This is a family restaurant, great food and atmosphere, but also has a full bar. Great stage for Marty to play his latest songs, and some of his goodies but oldies like Wild Kentucky Skies, It Must Be the Rain, and the heartfelt and groovy song he penned for Tracy Byrd, “I’m From the Country and I Like It That Way”. Marty is an incredible songwriter, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear some real country music. The show is free; the experience will be priceless!

    28. Just wanted to let you all know that Marty has made a mark all the way over here in Sweden. I’ve got all his CD:s old CD:s and I really really wish he’d record more songs and albums. Great voice, great music, I just love’em!

      1. That’s great to hear that he has fans there too. Thanks for the comment, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for more recordings.

    29. A new report is that Marty Brown will be playing at Casa Grande Tex Mex in Franklin, Kentucky on Saturday, May 12th at 8:00 p.m. We’ll add more information if we get it.

    30. My husband and I were thrilled to see Marty at Wha Bah steakhouse in Bowling Green this weekend. My husband has his cd’s, & we picked up his latest at the show. We both like every song on the disk, which is unusual. Jr. got on stage and played several songs. He did some of his dad’s music & at least one original. Marty definitely played the proud papa– as he should. They are both amazing writers. I’ll admit that Marty’s voice is “twangy”, but I don’t think it’s over the top. The show was great fun, and we will definitely go see him anytime he’s in our area. We’ve played the new cd all weekend. I asked Jr about his recordings. He says he doesn’t have a cd yet, and we told him he should work on one. We would’ve bought it on the spot. Marty’s mom, aunts, cousins, wife, & children were all there. The atmosphere was very much like hanging out on someone’s front porch. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

    31. Denise,
      Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great show. I like the CD too and hope to see the family performing at some point, as it seems like a good time.

      FYI, Marty Brown is scheduled to perform May 5, 2012 at Scott’s City Limits in Edmonton, Kentucky. On June 9, he will be playing at Wahbah Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky at 8:00 p.m. His Facebook page also reports a free live show at Casa Grande in Franklin, Kentucky on May 12 at 8:00 p.m.

    32. This Thursday, July 5, Marty Brown is playing a free show at the Oasis Southwest Grill in Franklin, Kentucky at 6-7 p.m.

      1. Two additional updates: (1) Marty will be playing at Wahbah Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday, July 14. (2) He wrote on his Facebook page that he has been recording and has a new CD that he apparently will have at his shows. We’ll wait to hear if the CD will be distributed in other ways too.

    33. Thanks for the very interesting article on Marty Brown. I’ve always wandered what happened to him. radio never did play him, and you’d only see him on the now defunct country shows on TV. It’s so very true. I always said that they’ll never play this guy on the radio, as you could see where so-called country radio was going. But, i sure do remember him. i have his albums, and feel very lucky that I do. Sad story. But, Irespect him for sticking to his guns, and not giving in to the establishment. Thanks so much.

    34. I wonder about Marty all the time and have for years. A friend in Nashville says he is around some and sometimes tries his songs out on street corners. I read where 7/25 is his birthday. Sure would like to wish him Happy Birthday!

      1. Yep, his birthday is July 25, 1965, according to his Facebook page. It would be something to come across him on a street corner. But it is great that he is still doing some local performances.

    35. i met Bobby several times back in 93′-96′ when me and Bobby Cyrus was going down to Nashville a lot.heard him jam and do some he was good.what a great tallent.i just cant believe his music didnt catch on more than it did.he is true country and darn good too.good luck to ya Marty.hope you get another chance.

    36. Okay .. I’m taking matters into my own hands here. I’m posting #Marty Brown’s songs and YouTubes to spread the word. Hopefully it gets some notice and we get more Marty. Do likewise and maybe we can get some reach action! Join me!

    37. Marty Brown is just getting started fans! He’s got a Trace Adkin’s cut that is possibly the next single. He’s got a Brad Paisley cut that you gotta hear about Andy Griffith passing. WE ALL LOVED ANDY JUST LIKE WE LOVE MARTY.

      Marty is about to set the woods on fire with some of the strongest lyrics and melodies to hit Nashville in a while. Hang on to your hats! Keep an eye on your radio. 🙂

      Eddie Wilson, Nashville

      1. Thanks Eddie for the update. I had not heard about the Brad Paisley work so look forward to hearing it.

    38. Marty Brown is performing live this Saturday at the Grand Opening of Bunkhouse BBQ Restaurant 6641 Scottsville Rd. Glascow, Ky 42141 (270)646-2271. Lots of great country music, cornhole tournament, and incredible bbq! Come on out for a free show this Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 from 12 pm noon to 2 pm! Pick up a new cd including some of Marty’s newest tunes!

    39. Marty does have an album that was never released. It is called American Son. If anyone is interested in purchasing that album, or any of his previous albums, they can write to me via email at

      Marty is going to be playing at Wha Bah Steakhouse on Saturday, November 10th, 2012. It is a free show, and the steaks are awesome. Please come on out for a night of great country music and a steak dinner at Wha Bah’s in Bowling Green. Marty will go on stage about 9 pm.

      Shellie Brown

    40. My husband and I were at the local Dinner Theater last night, called Gods players in Lewisport, Ky. We were surprise to see Marty Brown there supporting his brother Mike, who was one one the players in the show. During one of Mike’s performance he acknowledge his brother, and was going to sing a song Marty had wrote. A few seconds into the song Marty walked up on the stage and joined his brother. This was a very touching moment and made our night. They were great!! I too hope that Marty gets another chance to show his talent. I am a big fan and love the heart he puts into his songs.

      1. Thanks for the report, Dana. It sounds like it was a great moment and you were lucky to be there. Keep an eye out for Marty Brown performances in the area. The latest report is that he is going to be playing at Wha Bah Steakhouse next Saturday, November 10th, 8:30 pm. in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Take care.

    41. The show at Wha Bah Steakhouse went great last night. Marty Brown will play one more show this year at Wha Bah’s in Bowling Green, Ky on Saturday, December 1st. I will have his new cd of 12 songs, the American son album recorded in 2012, the Christmas cd of original Christmas and Christian songs, and a children’s book my husband and I wrote called White Lightnin’ that includes an audio cd and one song at the end called Heart of a Champion. It is illustrated by my very talented husband, Marty Brown.

      Marty is really enjoying this website and the overwhelming response he as received in regards to his music. We just want to say thank you to all of his friends, and I believe there will be lots of wonderful news to share with you all next year. You are welcome to write to Marty at Please send me a friend request to Shellie Brown on facebook, or “like” the Marty Brown Fan Page I created on facebook. He does read the posts and write back to his fans.

      Yours truly,

      Shellie & Marty Brown

      1. Thanks for the updates Shellie and Marty, and I can’t wait to hear the new music. I’m glad that he sees how much his music means to many people (and for everyone who comments, there are a lot more who also found this page because they are fans looking for more information). Because folks love his music so much, this post is one of the most popular on the website. I look forward to the new year and wish the best for your family.

    42. Count me in, Shellie! I’ll be sending an order your way immediately! LOVED the American Son CD you sent. I think I actually sighed upon hearing Marty’s voice again. It was like hearing an old, beloved friend. It just felt so good! Anyway … finding Marty and you here and having access to his music once again is great. How Marty’s amazing talent and voice slipped through the cracks … I’ll never understand.

    43. Shellie: Oops! Forgot to ask for an address to send the order for the CD’s. Will get the order off as soon as I have that. Thanks again ..

      1. Marilyn,
        Email Shellie directly at her new email address ( to get her mailing address and information on ordering new music from Marty Brown.
        Take care.

    44. …I love Marty Brown’s music. He’s not only a great singer, but a fabulous songwriter. He captures the real America in spirit and soul when he sings. I bought all of his albums on cassette many years ago. I really miss his talent.

    45. Vin, I have shared your comments with Marty. It has really touched him that so many have such a heartfelt appreciation for his music. I have an album that he recorded in 2002 called American Son that was never released, if you wanted to complete your collection. I also have two newer cd’s of his music/recordings. One is called All American Cowboy and it is a composite of songs he wrote about 5 or 6 years ago. There is a second cd that I recently put together that he is calling Marty Brown – Exclusive and it will really give you a feel for what kind of music he is writing for the industry now. These songs have been written in the past two years and most of which were written exclusively with George Strait in mind. One song, Jackpot Lucky, he co-wrote with the songwriters who wrote the hit “River of Love” for Strait. All of these songs are fully demoed, written, and best of all recorded by Marty Brown. Each cd is $10 each plus $3 for shipping and handling. Please write to our email at I don’t know if you are aware that Marty wrote I’m From the Country and I Like It That Way for Tracy Byrd. It was supposed to be included on Marty’s next album before he left the MCA label in the ’90’s. Thanks again for the kind words. Look forward to hearing from you.

    46. …I am counting the days until my “Christmas Money!” Wife and I give each other cash for Christmas to buy what we want. In all the world, anything a fellow could buy; electronics, clothes, fifty pounds of Lady Godiva Chocolate… Nothing would mean more to me than to get new Marty Brown music!

    47. Marty Brown will be playing at The Plaza Theater in Glascow, Kentucky on Saturday, March 9th, as part of a Kosair for Kids Charities show sponsored by The Willie – 94.1 FM. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to Kosair for Kids Charities. If you are lucky enough to make it, Brown is donating one of his old cowboy hats and a gift basket with 6 cd’s of music and an autographed picture.

      Even if you can’t make it to the show, you can catch Brown talking about the show on the NOONDAY SHOW ON WBKO on Tuesday, March 5th, to promote the concert.

    48. I cannot believe I found this site! I have been a Marty Brown fan since the early 90’s and have often wondered what happened to him. I searched online but never could find any current information until now. Reading all of these comments has answered most of the questions I had. Everyone please keep posting gig info. I live in Louisiana, but I would travel to Kentucky to get the chance to see him play. Thank you all for the information on this page.

      1. Glad you found the information you were looking for here, John. We’ll let you know when we hear more news. Thanks for the comment.

    49. Hi there-

      I am not primarily a country fan, since I am mostly pop and rock, but as I got older, loved the old country, twangy sound-tonight I was listening to a CD I got from the library with Hank Thompson. I discovered Marty Brown and his twang years ago and thought, Oh my God, it’s the real deal. Now that said, there are a few of his songs that to my ears, get too close to that country pop sensitive James Taylor that don’t really sound very country and sounds too hard like he’s trying to be pretty. But when I hear songs like High and Dry, There’ll Be No Honky Tonkin’ Tonight, She’s Gone and the string laden but superbly melodic and heartfelt Wild Kentucky Skies, I am in awe of his major talent. When I found this site tonight and heard him doing Hank Williams Moanin the Blues, I was mesmerized. I am thinking he should do an album of covers of classic country like that. Even watching him doing Moanin the Blues on your video, it was still pure Marty Brown to me, and all I could do was think, what an amazing talent. I am worried as he gets older, he will “mellow out” and get more poppy, and less country. God, I hope not. I realize singers change over time, but to me I would love it, if like George Jones, he bucks trends and does pure hard core country the rest of his life.

      1. That is a good idea about the covers. While I do like some of his songs that branch out in other directions, I could see him doing an album of nothing but Hank Williams songs, much like Steve Earle’s tribute to Townes Van Zandt. Thanks for the comment!

    50. Thank you! I watched the Moanin’ the Blues video again this morning and was just amazed at how perfect it was. I love music, but it’s not often you see a performance that just takes your breath away, and this was one of them. When Marty said I know all of Hank Williams’ songs, I believe him. I do understand an artist usually has many influences and has to branch out, but if he gets too much into Kenny Rogers or John Denver territory, I am afraid he loses his unique vision. I mean, some of the greats of rock n roll like Chuck Berry and Little Richard and the Everly Brothers had basically one sound, that one sound made them great. They all branched out, but those sides were not as good most of the time.

      On another note, when is Kentucky going to make Wild Kentucky Skies their anthem, like Georgia on My Mind? It deserves that distinction, I think!

      1. I have an interesting story to tell about my husband, Marty Brown. One time I took my husband and my son, Marty Brown, Jr., to Montgomery, Alabama, my hometown, to visit Hank Williams, Sr’s grave site. I had been by myself years ago, and I wanted to share this experience with my husband and son. We spent all afternoon talking with store owners about where Hank and Audrey had lived in downtown Montgomery, and how they would get into fights sometimes. When we were trying to get back onto the interstate, we got turned around and ended up on the poor side of town. We slowed down to ask for directions from an elderly black gentleman, and when Marty rolled his window down to speak to the man, the man looked at Marty and said, “Hank?” It gave me cold chills! I said, “Marty. I think that man thinks you are Hank Williams.” He just rolled the window back up and we kept driving until we figured out how to get back on to I-85. I don’t know if you realize that Hank learned to play guitar from the men on the poor side of the tracks in Montgomery. This elderly man probably could have known Hank Williams. It was pretty surreal.

        Something else you might be interested in is that two musicians who have influenced my husband’s music are Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. If you listen to Marty’s music you will start to hear those influences on his voice. Also, he used to play Ozzy Osborne’s music when he had a band in high school. As a matter of fact, our youngest son is named Randy after Randy Rhodes, thanks to my son, Marty Jr.

        1. That’s a great story, Sherrie. When you mentioned Buddy Holly, yes I can hear that influence. I assume the Roy influence is in more of the ballads. I love Hank Williams, but I actually prefer Marty’s version of Moanin’ the Blues to Hank’s version. That’s pretty eerie about that man thinking Marty was Hank!

          I love any information you can tell us-thank you so much!

    51. A few Marty Brown updates: (1) On Saturday, April 27, he’ll be doing a free show at Wha Bah Steakhouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky. (2) Look for a cover of one of Marty Brown’s songs, “Love Will,” to lead off Trace Adkins’ new album “When I Stop Loving You.” The album comes out in May.

    52. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for writing about Marty’s song on Trace Adkins’ newest album. The album is called “Love Will” and the first single, I think, is going to be “If It Was the End of the World” and it is a duet with a singer named Colbie. I may have the title of the song wrong. Marty’s song is called “When I Stop Loving You” and it is the first song on the album. We hope it will be a single! You can pre-order the album, or you can play Marty’s song on Amazon music and sample the chorus. It is an awesome song! I am particularly partial to it because my husband wrote it for me last year for our anniversary. Tony Brown produced the song and he did a fantastic job as always. Tony was Marty’s producer during the MCA recording days! I will keep you informed when I have more news!

    53. When we first saw Marty Brown on TNN we thought he was the most talented non pretentious artist since Hank W………When he disappeared from the spot lite and we heard rumors that he had hard times, we used to say “if we ever won a big lottery we would find him and help his career as needed…Well we never won the lottery, but we still play his cassette’s in our old pick up…..Happy to see he is alive and OK…….

    54. …I hate the capctha, by the way. I had written a nice piece about Marty, only to have it lost through forgetting the captcha. I’m not going to try and redo it. Suffice it to say, I really love Marty Brown’s music. Get rid of the captcha. This isn’t a banking site. Just let people put in their two cents worth. Moderate it, if you have to, since civility in the world has been radically reduced. Let stand only the comments that are respectful. But throw away the captcha…

      1. Sorry you lost some of what you wrote. Like other blogs, I get a lot of spam and the captcha gets rid of a lot of spam so I don’t have to spend a lot of time monitoring the computer spam. I will keep an eye out for alternatives though, and adjusted the settings. Thanks for the comment.

    55. met Marty on multiple occasions through our producer when i played with Perfect Stranger in the mid 90’s-he is for sure the real deal and a great singer/songwriter. We recorded a song of his called “How bout’ somethin strong” on our last cd that never came out-wish we had done a whole album of Marty’s songs earilier in our short career-just hearing him alone with an acoustic guitar singing one of his songs will sell it to you in the first verse. His Wal-Mart tour allowed us to do the same thing with Matt King. Wishing Marty all the best, true talent and sincerity will win in the end-and he deserves to be heard.

      1. Thanks for the comment Rich. I’ve heard some of your songs, and like Marty Brown you had a great country sound. So it’s too bad that your band’s cover of his song never got released. Take care and hope you are well.

    56. I am a huge fan of Marty.I live in Winchester Ky.My wife,and I are planning on going to see him at Wha Bahs.I listen to his music all the the time.He is what country music is all about.I write,and sing music myself.He was a big influence to how I do things.Keep it real,and be yourself.

    57. I don’t think the label, Show Dog Records, has decided which song to release as the single for Trace Adkins’ new album, Love Will. If you can listen to Marty’s song on Trace Adkins’ website, When I Stop Loving You, and make a comment on Trace’s facebook page, that would be very helpful and much appreciated. Marty’s music deserves to be heard! And there is so much more where that came from! is the website! When I Stop Loving You was written by Marty Brown. Thanks for all of your support over the years! God Bless! Shellie Brown

      1. Thanks for the update Shellie. Marty Brown’s song “When I Stop Loving You” sounds great on the new album from Trace Adkins.

    58. I have a cassette of a recording that Marty did in N’ville with the Maceo River Rats called Cherokee Boogie. My husband is one of those rats. I was curious if it was ever included on an album. Cassettes are like 8-tracks anymore; getting harder to find the equipment to play them!

      1. “Cherokee Boogie,” appeared on Marty Brown’s 1994 CD Cryin’, Lovin’, Leavin’. Moon Mullican wrote “Cherokee Boogie,” which also has been recorded by other artists like Hank Williams and BR5-49. I don’t see a full version of Marty Brown’s version online, but you may hear a clip on AllMusic’s website. That’s cool that your husband played with Marty Brown and the Maceo River Rats, and yeah, it is getting difficult to find cassette players these days. Thanks for the comment.

    59. Marty Brown recently recorded a video tribute to the late George Jones. Watch Brown sing the George Jones classic, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes.”

      In other news, Marty Brown is scheduled to perform on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Bunkhouse BBQ in Glasgow, Kentucky. The restaurant that day will be donating a percentage of its sales to the Wounded Warrior Fund.

    60. Marty Brown was featured on America’s Got Talent on June 4th, 2013 doing a sweet rendition of Bob Dylan’s “If I Could Make You Feel My Love”…I knew it was him…I bought his early albums and he is “real”!

    61. Just saw Marty Brown audition on America’s Got Talent! And he’s moving on to the next level of competition.

    62. Thanks for the article and yes Marty has as genuine of a country singing voice around. Also he just performed on America’s Got Talent and made all of us Kentucky folks proud! Don’t count ol Marty out he’s still around.

    63. First time I’ve seen Marty was tonight on America’s Got Talent. Googled Marty found your website great article. Maybe AGT will put Marty back in the mainstream

    64. Just Saw Marty on Americas Got Talent, My wife and I were just staring at our TV in awe. speechless….

    65. Meant to say I remembered Marty from the 90’s TNN and Ralph Emery. I see a resurgence of traditional country and Marty Brown should be on the Marty Stuart Show, Stuart is a traditionalist and Marty Brown fits right in there. The Stuart show is on RFD-TV. Here’s hoping Marty Brown goes along way on AGT and is back in the national picture.

    66. Check my brother out on America’s Got Talent! It aired tonight on NBC. There is a YouTube video with the performance, but it does show all of the segments of him. I will try to attach it below:
      Marty Brown -America’s Got Talent 8

      Thanks for helping keep his music alive! I love reading your articles about him.

    67. It looks like Marty has finally found the stage he has been looking for all his life. He was the second performer tonight on America’s Got Talent, and he sang the Bob Dylan song “To make you feel my love”. He silenced the crowd, then tore the roof off the place. I wish him well, and hope he catches on. He is what real country should be. Authentic.

    68. He performed on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT tonight and what a FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE it was!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he wins!!!!!!!!

    69. Say it aint so but I am pretty sure that was Marty Brown on America’s Got Talent tonite? and the star his wife shellie .. It was kinda funny to me to hear about him being an undiscovered talent .. when in reality he is a long lost talent.. I almost sense the tears his wife shed wasn’t even about him singing her song but about him making a come back to a large public audience and the audience giving him a standing ovation. I have to admit it bought a tear to my eye.. I was just listening to the tv when he start on and I first thing that came to my mind was is it that Marty Brown .. I live in Henderson, KY not far from Owensboro/Maceo where it all began for him and remembered the name.. I hope the phoenix can rise even more and wish him much success in Las Vegas..

      1. Shellie Brown, who has been quite busy since her appearance with Marty Brown on AGT, emailed me the following reply to post:

        Thank you so much, Benny, for remaining true to my husband’s music after all these years. I don’t know if AGT really knows what they have in a singer/songwriter like Marty Brown, but I think the world is getting ready to find out what kind of talent my husband really is. I am so grateful to Jeff for creating this website for Marty’s fans so I can keep them updated. This is a very exciting time in Marty’s career. He writes and sings better than he ever did when he was younger. I believe that this is his time to shine. Thanks again for the kind words. I will share them all with him.
        God Bless!
        Shellie Brown

    70. Wow-That surely was him. Part of me wanted him to do something “real country,” but nonetheless this Dylan song shows his great talent and also his great humility. What irony to see him as an undiscovered talent. Shellie was so proud, and you can see they are truly in love.

    71. I loved Marty Brown years ago! God willing this man will have the second Chance he deserves. Too many lost years already without him on the radio. He should have had an international career! Go Matty! Good luck on AGT lots of love from Canada!

    72. Long time fan! Watching him last night and cheering him on. Tears in my eyes as he sang, and as they panned to Shellie and she was also crying. His voice is so hauntingly beautiful. I, for one, am rooting for him to keep moving forward on the show. For him to finally get the attention he deserves, and to finally make it big. The world needs to hear Marty Brown, we owe it to future generations! He’s too talented to not be heard!

    73. Saw Marty on AGT last night! He was awesome! Talent like his deserves a second chance!

    74. Boo!! Get this fraud off of America’s Got Talent! He has no business being there. He was a major label star, he is NOT some undiscovered talent from next door, he is a singer who had his shot in the 90’s and BLEW IT! America said no thanks. I hope the producers of AGT investigate this fraud and throw his butt off the show and in the curb where he belongs. Let him sing in some podunk honky tonk. AGT is for discovering new and exciting talent that has never been seen before, not for resurrecting the long dead careers of hopeless country has beens!

      1. I cant say I disagree, Adam. You would think that the producers would have vetted him better. Oh well. I guess they are suckers for a good story, even if it is a lie.

      2. It is not surprising that some folks will like acts and not like others, and as I noted in the article, some people may not like Brown’s country music. Regarding the purpose of “America’s Got Talent,” you might be thinking of “American Idol.” Shows like AGT and “The Voice,” which gave a second chance to season-winner Cassadee Pope of the band Hey Monday, are open to people with experience and prior success. If you look at the two finalists of AGT last year, the Olates had been performing for a long time on a range of stages and comedian Tom Cotter had won previous competitions and done a half-hour special for Comedy Central.

        Thinking back on many musicians and singers who “disappeared” and later were able to have comebacks because someone “rediscovered” them, one might believe that giving new and second chances to people is pretty cool. Thanks for the comment.

      3. You couldn’t be further from the truth with your rant. There is no professional disqualification for being an act on AGT. I’m quite certain Marty listed his prior experience as a recording artist. The fact he had a recording contract, does not mean he was a star. In fact he went largely undiscovered by the masses because he was too country for the so called pop sounding music coming from nashville and being played by the big radio stations at the time. Look at many of the finalists from prior seasons, most of them had careers before they got onto AGT. Rarely are they finding some person that just came out of nowhere to do what they do. Terry Fator was a pro for years before his big break. What this show does is give anyone mass exposure and the opportunity that goes along with it. AGT loves stories like this. He is and always has been a small town country boy. A very likable and humble fellow. And yes they edit the stories all the time, in every season. They want the viewer at home to feel more endured to said performer. How enduring would his segment have been had they announced him as a failed musician from 2o some years ago. Everyone would probably have just tuned out by then.


        “America’s Got Talent has never actually said that the competition is limited to amateur or undiscovered performers, but they certainly have presented the show in that way.”

        “Tom Cotter who appeared on Season 7 of America’s Got Talent had previously performed on Jay Leno and even had a special on Comedy Central. Not exactly the struggling artist he was first presented to be.”

        I don’t believe “America said no thanks”. I don’t think America had the chance – now they do. I personally am so glad I saw him on AGT. I am hit and miss with Country – with Marty I am “hit”. I wish him all the best.

    75. Marty Brown is no fraud. If you look at the past shows there is no professional disquailifications for performers.. Many have been just where Marty Brown has been so thats why they picked him to be on the show. Many of the magicians have made a living performing Vegas. AGT tends to hide all their pasts and make them out to be something there really not.. I remember a few years back there was a magician they were saying was a plumber and they never mentioned that he already failed at his own show in vegas before. If you think the dog act that won last year wasnt professionals who do that act for a living .. While I am sure some people come on thereand never have performed in front of the public the majority have and many make their living doing what they did on AGT or their talent is so bad its put on there for the comical value. Even another guy from that episode , special head has videos on youtube and makes a living as a street artist.. Thats part of the fun for me to find the ones I like and get on the internet and discover what AGT isnt telling about their past. Marty Brown fits their acts really well. How many songs of his does the public know (even some of his that were recorded by others most people would never associate with him!) While he definitely had a public presence in the past he never made it to the top .. No doubt to me he has already gotten a lot from one audition for AGT to bring him back to the public eye but hopefully he will go farther .

    76. In his first performance in his local area since his “America’s Got Talent” audition, Marty Brown will be playing a free show at Whabah Steak House in Bowling Green, Kentucky on June 15 at 8 p.m.

    77. Thanks to America’s Got Talent, and his wife we now are are to see him again.
      Good luck and God Bless.

    78. It wasn’t America who said no to Marty…. It was the country radio program directors, and they’ve done it to countless other talented artists. That is a cryin’ damn shame.

      The first and only time I heard Marty Brown was in the early 90’s watching CMT and the song was “Every now and then”. Been stuck in my head for 20 years.

      Thank you Marty

      1. I agree with you Donna and J.L., and I’ve had “Every Now and Then” in my head since then too! Thanks for the comment.

    79. Marty Brown recently posted this YouTube video of him singing Keith Whitley’s “When You Say Nothing At All.”

      FYI, other Chimesfreedom posts about Marty Brown, with links to other videos, are available at this link.

      1. Marty Brown has a twitter account 🙂 @martybrownusa

        Ya’ll join us on twitter to see what is going on in Marty’s corner of the woods!

        Thanks again for all the support, and watch the Vegas audition on July 16th!

        Yours truly,
        Shellie & Marty Brown

    80. We’ll be watching on July 16th, Shellie and Marty. I hope you both are enjoying the new “fame” from being on “America’s Got Talent.” I am so appreciative of Marty being himself, and enjoying and loving what he is doing, and the wonderful support of his wife. I was listening to the Wild Kentucky Skies song, and think that would be a great one to sing sometime. All the best to you both.

    81. I saw Marty at the Walmart, in Clarksburg, WV, when it first opened. He autographed a cassette tape of his for me, gave it to a girl friend, and she said she didnt care for it………….got the tape back, ( got rid of her!)

    82. Since we have to wait another week before hearing Marty Brown sing again on “America’s Got Talent,” here’s a blast from the past with him singing “Wildest Dreams” from 1991.

    83. As we reported in another post, Marty Brown advanced to the New York rounds of “America’s Got Talent.”

      While we wait to see him at Radio City Music Hall, here he is singing the national anthem at a baseball game this month. Great job!

    84. Marty Brown will be back on “America’s Got Talent” for the next live round in New York City on the July 30-31 shows.

    85. Well, that’s that. How can a guy that was a professional have such a terrible performance?? Is that the reason he went away in the first place? Just horrible. Still with the ‘aww shucks, I’m just a country boy looking for a shot’ stuff, too. He had a shot. I am disillusioned by this guy now.

      1. Thanks for the comment, Bob. The rules of “America’s Got Talent” differ from “American Idol,” so AGT, like “The Voice” allows for second chances. Check out the professional careers of the two finalists last year. As for the way the show portrays the contestants, that is the choice of the show, not the performers. They have so many contestants they get only get to present 30-seconds or so of background (and a short portion of a song), so AGT presents concise story lines for everyone. So, blame the show for these things. And different people like different acts, so that’s fine too. Take care!

    86. shellie,

      my husband and I have been fans since the 1990s since the album high n dry and own all 4 albums and would like to hear him sing the original stuff on his albums on America got talent…..we were also wondering if you were in the wildest dream video as well that he made

      1. Thanks for the comment Melissa and James. I agree they are great albums, but I know there are rules on these shows limiting the selection of songs that singers may sing. I can’t wait to see what he does next, though.

        FYI, Marty Brown will appear in an AGT Semi-Finals show in September. We’ll let you know when we get a specific date.

        1. chimesfreedom

          so whom was the lady in the video of wildest dreams is that martys wife just curious

          1. Melissa,
            Although I see the similarity, I’m fairly certain that the woman in the video is not Marty Brown’s wife Shellie. Some of his videos used actresses, so I suspect that is the case with this one.

            1. The lady in the Wildest Dreams video is not Marty’ wife. She was an actress hired by MCA Records.

    87. I am completely awe inspired by Marty Brown on America’s Got Talent this season! Marty Brown has a big heart that is full of emotion and passion when he sings! America has not experienced this type of passion, heart and emotion since Rod Stewart first came into the rock-n-roll music scene. It is high time that country music had a great country star that sung with pure heart and raw emotion! Country music has found that in Marty Brown! I love to listen to a singer sing with meaning to the words to the lyrics they sing! This is what Marty does with every song he sings and writes. His voice and words comes deep from within his big heart and soul! That combination America is the recipe for a SUPERSTAR!! I predict that MARTY BROWN will be the next winner of America’s Got Talent 2013!! I further predict that he will be the BIGGEST COUNTRY STAR EVER!! Team Marty Brown all the way to the top baby!!!


      I believe it is high time that all of the people who watch America’s Got Talent and America learn something EXTREMLY IMPORTANT about MARTY BROWN! Not only is Marty Brown a great country singer, but he has also written thousands of wonderful country songs! As children we grew up listening to our Mom and Dad sing country and western songs. Dad loved to sing Johnny Cash songs and sounded just like “Johnny” with his deep beautiful voice. Dad taught Marty his first chord on the guitar, and it was on after that. Marty began chasing his dream of country music. It wasn’t long after that Marty began to write his own songs. He could and still can write a beautiful song in 20 minutes or less! In addition to his vocal and songwriting talents Marty has been self taught to play many musical instruments such as the drums, piano, banjo and etc. Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer about a year and a half ago. During the procedure to remove the cancer they hit Dad’s vocal chords. Dad was unable to speak at all for the first four months after this procedure. By the end of month four he began to speak, but only in a whisper voice. That beautiful deep voice of Dad’s the one that we all loved was still no where to be found. My siblings Mike, Mark, Marty, Donna and Helena and of course our beautiful Mom Barbara were heart broke.

      We longed to hear that beautiful deep voice of Dad’s. We all worked with Dad to help him to regain his voice. Marty worked tirelessly with Dad to help him with his vocals. He spent countless hours praying and working with Dad. Several more months went by and it was tough. I remember my Dad trying his hardest to sing Happy Birthday to me, and all that he could do was whisper the words. Slowly throughout this year and a half process Dad’s voice came around, but the deepness in his voice was still no where to be found. Marty and all of us longed for that beautiful Johnny Cash voice of Dad’s for a long time. We all prayed and prayed for a what seemed like an eternity to all of us. All the while our hearts were breaking for our Dad. Dad would get extremely frustrated because he longed to sing the way he used to. Each and every one of us would have given anything to hear our Dad sing “Folsom Prison Blues” or any song for that matter with that deep beautiful voice one more time.

      Not long before Marty’s first performance on America’s Got Talent our prayer’s were answered and God gave our family a miracle! Dad’s deep beautiful voice came back! None of us will ever forget the day that this handsome Daddy’s voice returned. Especially Marty! We all know now how much to treasure each and every time we hear our Dad sing now. We will never forget what he went through. Each and every time Dad sings now it is truly a gift from God above! We ALL get emotional when we see him holding a guitar in his hand now and singing with that deep beautiful Johnny voice.

      I can hardly type this for wiping away the tears from my eyes, but I know this must be said! When they came to Marty’s house to film the footage for his 3rd performance on America’s Got Talent they filmed the remarkable footage of Dad saying Grace around the dinner table with that beautiful deep voice of his, but most of all they filmed the BEST FOOTAGE EVER when they filmed our Dad playing that guitar and singing “Folsom Prison Blues”. They showed this footage prior to Marty taking the stage for the first time ever at RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL. Marty saw this and did what we always do now when we see Dad with that guitar he cried and got emotional! He walked onto that grand stage and said in a broken and teary voice with joy “This ones for you Daddy!” He said these words with pride in his heart for he was thankful that his Daddy had received a miracle and got that BEAUTIFUL DEEP JOHNNY VOICE back! Marty Brown is a real as it get America! He has a BIG BEAUTIFUL PURE HEART full of love for his Daddy! He performs deep within that beautiful heart and soul of his. He is a rare gem full of raw emotion and extreme talent. Don’t take my word for it. Each of you should go on to You Tube and view the Marty Brown channel in it’s entirety, and then you will see what all of Marty’s fans and family sees a pure hearted talented COUNTRY SUPERSTAR who deserves to be the 2013 WINNER of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT and the next BIG COUNTRY STAR!

      1. Thanks for the story Angela, and we’re glad to hear that your father is doing better. And Marty is very lucky to have a sister like you!

        1. Thank you! Please share my story as much as you can! The world needs to know what happened! Thank you for all of the support you have shown my brother!

    89. Performance update: Marty Brown is going to open for Montgomery Gentry this Friday Aug 23rd night at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds at 8 pm.

    90. my husband and I noticed on youtube there are a few songs we never heard of such as you got the best of me or something like that and also grain of sand and was wondering if perhaps there is a un-released cd of songs that we can purchase and if so is there a link to a website where we can buy it at and both songs are a work of art

      1. When I first wrote the above post, there were very few Marty Brown songs on YouTube, but one of the great things about his appearances on “America’s Got Talent” has been the addition of a number of songs. Although he and Shellie have made available some CD’s of unreleased music, unfortunately I do not think any of them contain “Single Grain of Sand” and “He Got The Best Of Me When He Got You.”

        I have reviewed four of these unreleased CDs, including American Son and also three others.

        Those CDs contain a lot of new material, but Marty Brown seems to be writing great songs constantly, so a lot of them are not available. Both of the links above also contain a link to the Marty Brown Facebook page and the email address for ordering the CDs ( Thanks for the comment.

    91. Marty Brown will be performing at Radio City Music Hall on America’s Got Talent this Tuesday, September 3rd, on NBC at 8 pm. Please watch as Marty gives the performance of a lifetime! VOTE MARTY BROWN!

      Here is a video of Marty’s performance last Friday night when he opened the show for Montgomery Gentry at the Kentucky State Fair.

      1. Thanks Shellie. We’ve been planning to post the Kentucky State Fair performance tomorrow along with reminder info on how to vote, so everyone watch for the post! Good luck this week!

    92. Tonight, Marty Brown did not advance to the final 12 of America’s Got Talent, but he had a great run on the show, especially considering he never even got to show America his great songwriting ability. Thanks to him and his wife Shellie for what they did on the show. We look forward to the next steps of his career and will continue to follow Marty Brown in the next chapter. . . .

    93. Marty Brown was my favorite singer in 1996, I still play his only cd that I own and ever heard “Here’s To The Honky Tonk”. My other favorite singer back then was James Bonamy, what ever happened to him?

      1. You should check out some of Marty Brown’s other CD’s linked above.

        As for James Bonamy, apparently he has not released an album since 1997’s “Roots and Wings.” Wikipedia reports that he went to work at a communications company in Texas and then became a worship leader at a church in Florida. But he has a Twitter account that indicates he now is living in Texas and working with a church in Longview ( In this video, from 2011, you may see Bonamy singing at a church, so he still uses his musical talents in his new life:

        Thanks for the comment!

    94. Looking back at Marty’s progress on America’s Got Talent,
      I feel he won in so many ways:
      1. He’s proven again that he’s got an amazing stage presence. If they had
      given him a chance to do some of his own songs, they would have seen
      what a truly well-rounded artist he really is.
      2. He won in the fact that Nashville is about to take another look at the
      songwriter side of Marty and go “WOW! No one has cut that song yet?”.
      3. And he won because he has the drive, the ability, and the talent to bring so
      much more to Nashville and the world with his songs and singing at shows.
      4. And finally, he won because he stood before the world and sang his heart
      out to his great wife who has stood by him so many years and his family knows
      without a doubt that he’s a great husband, a great dad, and a great son.

      God bless Marty Brown!!!

    95. I just love the author of this article on my brother, Marty. I is so touching to read all the new comments. They just keep flowing in and it thrills me to follow this.
      Thanks Marty Brown fans!!

      1. Thanks Donna, we appreciate Marty’s family stopping by too. Melissa, we were upset too, but we are looking forward to the next stage of Marty Brown’s career. Watch for a post recapping the “America’s Got Talent” run coming soon.

    96. As noted in our recap of Marty Brown’s run on “America’s Got Talent,” his work on that show is leading to other opportunities. Some upcoming shows include:

      September, 23, 2013 in downtown Russellville, KY Juvenile Diabetes Foundation off 431 at 6 p.m.

      September, 28 2013 Bowling Green, Kentucky at Wah Bah’s Steakhouse (2361 Russleville Rd.).

      And he’ll be appearing with another “America’s Got Talent” singer Dave Finley on September 30 in Nashville, Tennessee for a songwriter in the round event at Douglas Corner (2106 8th Ave. South). 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

      “Central City Kentucky Reunion Concert” on October 19, 2013 at 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at First Security Bank on Clarence Brewer Stage Downtown Central City, Kentucky. “Bring Lawn Chairs” Come early for a meet and greet.

    97. When I see the garbage coming out of Nashville nowadays that they try to pass off as country music, it makes me sick.
      If country music had remained true to it’s roots Marty Brown would be a star by now.
      In protest I am going to go to and buy some of his songs right now.
      Keep plugging away Marty, stay true to the music and yourself.

    98. Marty Brown will be the opening act on 1-29-14 at the grand opening of Global Spectrum’s Owensboro Concention Center. He will be performing at 7 pm.
      I anticipate the event will be well attended. The event will be covered by all the network news outlets.

      1. Thank you for keeping Marty’s fans informed about his performance at the Grand Opening of the Owensboro Convention. Center. We are very proud of this recognition of Marty ‘s talent by the city of Owensboro, KY. This is a three -day celebration, and Marty will perform on the last day, Saturday, February 1st,at 7 pm. Please see Marty ‘s Tour Schedule for upcoming venues at

        1. My husband was curious as to if there were any other discs marty recorded that hasnt been released at all/yet since his last one he made and if so how would we be able to purchase them

          1. Yes, Marty Brown has some new music available. Chimesfreedom has reviewed some of these independent CDs here and here. Also, at those links you’ll see the information for how to contact Marty Brown about the CDs (or use the links to his Facebook page and webpage to find out which CDs are available now).

            Also, in addition to the CDs, he has two singles available for download purchase, “Whatever Makes You Smile” and “Crackerjack.”

            Let us know how you like the new music. Thanks for the comment!

          2. Yes, Marty Brown has some new music available. Chimesfreedom has reviewed some of these independent CDs here and here. Also, at those links you’ll see the information for how to contact Marty Brown about the CDs (or use the links to his Facebook page and webpage to find out which CDs are available now).

            Also, in addition to the CDs, he has two singles available for download purchase, “Whatever Makes You Smile” and “.”

            Let us know how you like the new music. Thanks for the comment!

    99. Love Marty Brown- sat on my deck this evening listening to “High and Dry”. Never tire of that pure country sound. Hope he makes a comeback.

      1. Yes, it is. As mentioned in the updates, after the article was written, Marty Brown launched a comeback, including a run on “America’s Got Talent.” His whole run on the show is documented here:

        Thanks for the comment!

    100. I am a part time car transporter for a rental car company and somebody left a CD of Cryin Lovin Leavin in a returned car I was taking back. Better than finding money!! It is now my favorite CD and have it going every time I get in my truck! Cant stand that BubbleGum Pop crap that passes for country these days and wont even listen to so called country radio anymore.

      1. That’s great, and a wonderful way to come across a lost gem. I hope you also check out his other CD’s as well as see and hear what he has been doing lately. For example, see these posts. Thanks for the comment!

    101. I was recently in the Blueberry Cafe in Nashville. I had the privilege and honor to hear Marty Brown perform. He is a very gifted and talented country musician. I was there with my wife and mentally handicapped 26 year old son. Marty Brown came over to us and shook my son’s hand and gave him a copy of his CD. He is truly a wonderful person
      and made our family fans for life.
      I wish him much success.
      Gary Helms
      Weddington, N.C.

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