Happy Birthday Les!

Today is the birthday of Les Paul, who was born on this date in 1915 and passed away in 2009. His guitar playing and innovations, like his development of the solid-body electric guitar, are responsible for much of the music we hear today. You may read more about his life at the Les Paul website.

Among his many accomplishments, in the 1950s he had a five-minute syndicated television show with his wife at the time, Mary Ford. During that decade, Ford and Paul had a string of hit jazz songs, and The Les Paul & Mary Ford Show was often used to fill in space between regularly scheduled shows. Check out this clip and the guitar playing skills of the man born Lester William Polsfuss:

Make sure to check out Google today, which has a little guitar for you to play in honor of Mr. Paul. [Update: Google kept the guitar up an extra day, but if you are reading this post after it is gone, there is a Facebook page that has the Google guitar, although it does not seem to retain the recording function from the Google page.]

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