Clarence Clemons: You’re a Friend of Mine

Chimesfreedom sends out wishes and prayers for Clarence Clemons, who is seriously ill after suffering a stroke. According to reports, although Clemons has had a number of health problems in the past, this time, members of the E Street Band have been asked to go see Clemons in Florida as soon as possible.

You cannot mention Clemons without the modifier “legendary saxophonist,” for all of his great work with Bruce Springsteen as a member of the E Street Band, not to mention his work with other artists, including playing on Lady Gaga’s most recent album. Yet, while others in the E Street Band have larger singing roles, Clemons’s voice is also an important part of the complete package. In 1985, he even had a singing top 20 hit when he released “You’re a Friend of Mine, singing with Jackson Browne (and Daryl Hannah).

The best part of the song is the title, as when we think of Clemons, one of the first things we think about is his lifelong friendship with Bruce Springsteen and the rest of the band. On stage, Clemons, Springsteen, and the rest of the band interact in a way that shows a bunch of friends having fun. Because of that, we audience members feel like we get to share a tiny bit in that friendship. We all hope to maintain friendships like that in our own lives. Big Man, for your music and your friendships, our thoughts are with you.

Update June 13 Evening: Latest reports are that after two brain surgeries, Clemons is in stable condition and making progress. June 18 Update: Clarence Clemons passed away. For our post on his passing, head to this link.

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