Sexy and I Know It: Neil & Bruce Cover

After hearing that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was devoting a whole show to Bruce Springsteen, I had little doubt that they would reprise a Niel Young-Bruce Springsteen duet like they did on an earlier show with “Whip My Hair.” But last night, instead of a Born-to-Run-era Springsteen, the Boss got out his old bandana and came as Born-in-the-USA Springsteen. This time, they sang LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It,” with Springsteen in on the joke making fun of his former muscle-shirted self exchanging his usual “whoa, whoa, whoa” with “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.”

(May 2012 Update: The link from NBC apparently no longer works, but you may also see the video on YouTube here.) If you missed the show and wish to see the Springsteen interview as well as his performances with the E Steet Band of two new songs from the new album — “Death to My Hometown” and “Jack of All Trades” — as well as a rousing “E Street Shuffle” with the Roots, you may find them at Consequences of Sound and at Blogness on the Edge of Town.

What do you think of the cover of “Sexy and I Know It”? Funny or just a retread of “Whip My Hair”? Leave your two cents in the comments. If you like the post, retweet it!

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