A Visit to Bob Dylan’s Hometown

With Bob Dylan’s 35th album, Tempest, coming out next month, the anticipation is stirring up a number of Dylan stories. Sean O’Neal at the Onion’s A.V. Club recently visited Bob Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. In this video, O’Neal ponders about how the town influenced Dylan’s music, and he takes us to several Dylan landmarks, including Dylan’s — er Robert Zimmerman’s — childhood home. Although that house is now on a road named after the singer, Hibbing does little else to acknowledge the hometown singer. O’Neal also shows the high school auditorium that was the location of Dylan’s disappointing talent show appearance. Check it out.

Visiting Bob Dylan’s hometown

Should Hibbing do more to honor Bob Dylan? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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    2 thoughts on “A Visit to Bob Dylan’s Hometown”

    1. I know Duluth, MN has done a lot to honor Bob Dylan. I didn’t know Hibbing didn’t have much to honor him. Odd.

      Mom, Dad, and I went to Duluth years ago to see Dylan in concert with Paul Simon.

      1. That’s interesting about Duluth. Maybe they should do a video visit there next time too. After you mentioned it, I found this website devoted to the link between Duluth and Dylan. Thanks for the comment.

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