Vote Today: This Is Our Country

Happy election day for our U.S. readers. While we all often rightfully dabble in cynicism about politics most days of the year, for today, may we all feel the joy of going with members of our communities to cast a ballot. Even as the commentators divide the states between Pres. Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney and even as they call some states “red states” and others “blue states,” may we remember that every state has a large number of people who vote for each candidate. The supporters of “that other candidate” are your neighbors, your teachers, your fire fighters, and the wonderful hurricane relief workers we have seen so much of here in the northeast the last week.

So may we remember that others have a right to disagree with us and vote for someone else. It is not my country, or your country. This is our country. May we make it until the polls close to start complaining again and fulfilling our job to be a check on our representatives. And may I forget for the next few minutes that this catchy song by John Mellencamp was used in a truck commercial and just enjoy it.

The dream is still alive,
Some day it will come true;
And this country it belongs
To folks like me and you;
So let the voice of freedom
Sing out through this land;
This is our country.

From the east coast,
To the west coast,
Down the Dixie Highway,
Back home,
This is our country.

Do you remember when you first voted? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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    2 thoughts on “Vote Today: This Is Our Country”

    1. Just heard a song called “if a song could be president” by a duo called over the rhine, named after their town near Cincinnati. I’d like to hear a hip hop version of that song.
      happy election day!

      1. I love Over the Rhine and I love that song, so I’m disappointed I did not think of it for today. But thanks to your reminder, I’ll post “If a Song Could Be President” here:

        “Steve Earle would anchor the news. . . “

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