Song of the Day: Shooter Jennings and Patty Griffin “Wild and Lonesome”

When I heard that Patty Griffin appears on a song on the new album from Shooter Jennings, I had to track it down. The new song, “Wild and Lonesome” is from Jennings’s album The Other Life, coming out March 12. Jennings brings a traditional country sound to the song, and Griffin, who takes a break from her work with Robert Plant here, provides outstanding harmonies. The song is already earning great reviews and creating anticipation for the album. Check it out.

The album The Other Life will accompany a film by the same name, with the film also featuring Jennings on a supernatural trip of self discovery. Jennings is also working on a film about his late father, Waylon Jennings. Meanwhile Patty Griffin will have her own new album, American Kid, out on May 7.

What do you think of “Wild and Lonesome”? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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    2 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Shooter Jennings and Patty Griffin “Wild and Lonesome””

    1. I’ll have to show this to Mike. He discovered Shooter Jennings in Walk the Line. There’s a scene where Shooter, playing Waylon, sings an old Waylon Jennings song.

      1. I forgot that Shooter Jennings was in that film, but yeah, I remember recognizing him too because I knew his video for “Fourth of July.” Thanks for the comment.

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