Jewel as June

In an upcoming LIfetime biopic, Ring of Fire, Jewel plays Johnny Cash’s wife June Carter. This clip gives an idea of Jewel’s performance. While it is not surprising that Jewel has the singing chops on such songs as “Wildwood Flower,” it is interesting to see her capturing Carter’s humor. It will be hard to top Reese Witherspoon’s fine performance in Walk the Line (2005), but Carter deserves her own film and this clip shows the film has potential. Check it out.

The movie is based on the book, Anchored In Love, by Johnny and June’s son, John Carter Cash. Ring of Fire premieres on May 27.

For a bonus video, check out the Carter family singing the same “Wildwood Flower” song in 1990 in this video, featuring June, Helen, and Anita Carter.

Will you watch Jewel as June Carter? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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