Singing “Space Oddity” In a Tin Can Far Above the World

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield yesterday uploaded a video made in space, which is, appropriately, a performance of David Bowie’s song about Major Tom, “Space Oddity.” This far-out video features cool shots of the view and of Hadfield in the International Space Station, where he has been since December. He will return to earth this week.

Check out his video for “Space Oddity.” [July 14, 2014 Update: Earlier this year Hadfield announced that the video was being taken off of YouTube because the publisher’s year-long license to post the song was expiring. But at least for now it appears he got another extension and the video is still available.]

According to the Canadian Space Agency, Hadfield has made several journeys into space. Regarding his latest mission, the website states: “On December 19, 2012 he launched aboard the Russian Soyuz, enroute to becoming the second Canadian to take part in a long-duration spaceflight aboard the ISS. On March 13, 2013 he became the first Canadian to command a spaceship as Commander of the ISS during the second portion of his five-month stay in space.” As for the guitar in the video, it has been in space since 2001 in the Space Station, providing diversions for many astronauts who have visited.

The space video is not Hadfield’s first foray into music-space history. In December 2012, while at the Space Station he recorded an original song, “Jewel in the Night,” and uploaded it to the Internet.

It is great that not only is Hadfield doing important scientific work, but he is helping spread awareness about the space program through these fun activities. He sings well too. We wish him well and that, unlike Major Tom, he gets home safe. You may follow Hadfield on Twitter (@Cmdr_Hadfield) and on Facebook. As for David Bowie, he already Tweeted his approval:

What is your favorite part of the astronaut video? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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