Marty Brown Gives Emotional Performance in NY: Still the One

Tonight, Marty Brown sang Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One” on America’s Got Talent.  I thought it was a good choice to go with a band this time around on the large stage.  The song is not one of my favorites, but the song selected by America’s Got Talent (not the performer) had the benefit that a lot of people know it.

Brown was a little choked up at the beginning of the song after seeing his father on the lead-in video and calling out a dedication to his father. But on watching the segment a second time, one may see Brown recovers pretty well.  The judges were still tough on him, though mostly respectful. Howard Stern genuinely seemed to be rooting for Brown. Mel B mistakenly called Brown “Dave” and told the audience not to beat her up for it. But she showed less mercy for Brown, Tweeting a few minutes after the performance, “Ok.ok. I got his name wrong!! He blew it anyways, so what!!”

But it was Mel B who made the biggest mistake. Yeah, Brown’s voice faltered at the start of his song, but he showed something rare by giving the audience real emotion in a performance. The radio and Internet are full of Auto-Tune and perfect sounding meaningless lyrics.

What Brown did tonight was better than most “perfect” performances on these competition shows. With his heart on his sleeve, he showed how he felt after decades of struggle to finally be on stage in New York, thinking of his ailing father in Kentucky, his mom in the audience, and his wife dancing in her seat. The song’s words “looks like we made it” clearly had meaning for him at that moment. He gave real heart to the song, and that’s what we want out of our music. No matter what happens with the votes, Marty Brown is still the one.

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[Update: For a post on Brown’s entire run on America’s Got Talent, check out our post on The Great AGT Rebirth of Marty Brown.] How did you vote on America’s Got Talent? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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    8 thoughts on “Marty Brown Gives Emotional Performance in NY: Still the One”

    1. The next night when they revealed the four semi finalists I really was bummed when Brad Paisley played. I asked myself how could such a generic songwriter and below average singer be such a big star and Marty Brown still be relatively unknown to the world? I hope that Marty gets his due and is egg on Nashville’s face like Oh, Brother where Art Thou and the later Johnny Cash recordings were!

      1. Paisley is a talented guitar player and he has written some fun songs and seems like a good performer. But, yeah, in a fair world, Brad Paisley would be opening for Marty Brown. Thanks for the comment, Chuck!

    2. Thank you for posting this article about my brother, and most of all thank you for getting it unlike so many other news reporters! You understand that my brother is pure heart and sings from his heart and soul! The heart and soul is what makes a good star!! Marty is a rare gem to country music and a geniune talent!! He is not only a fantastic country star, but the best songwriter in the world! Thank you again!!

      1. Angela, I agree completely. It has been wonderful that he has made it so far based on his excellent singing ability when much of America has yet to see his fantastic work as a songwriter. So I’m hoping that no matter what happens with “America’s Got Talent,” a record company will eventually grab him up and work so America gets to see even more of what he can do. Thanks for the comment.

    3. FYI, Marty Brown will appear in an AGT Semi-Finals show in September. We’ll let you know when we get a specific date.

    4. Marty will be performing again on September 3, 2013 on America’s Got Talent. Voting will begin immediately following the show. Thanks, Angela M. Stidham

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