Paul Thorn Has a Good Day Every Now and Then (Missed Music)

Anytime you have a bad day, put on this excellent song by Paul Thorn, “I Have a Good Day (Every Now and Then).” It is one of those songs that by the time it breaks into the chorus, you think you have heard the song all your life. I could listen to this song all day.

Before starting a music career, the Wisconsin-born Thorn was briefly a professional boxer and fought Roberto Durán. So he knows what it is like to take a punch and get back up again. He also knows how to sing a great song. “I Have a Good Day” appears on Thorn’s CD, So Far So Good LIVE (2006). You can check out some of the mp3s from the album, including “I Have a Good Day” on Thorn’s website here.

Check out the latest video by the Paul Thorn Band of “What the Hell is Goin’ On?” — a song written by Elvin Bisop from Thorn’s new album of the same name here. You may get a free download of the song through Thorn’s website or through the link below. For a review of the new CD, check out this article from No Depression.
Thanks to Majel for introducing me to Thorn’s music.

What is your favorite Paul Thorn song? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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