10 Reasons “I Don’t Want to See You Again” Is One of the Great Kiss-Off Songs

I was happy to see Marty Brown‘s recording of “I Don’t Want to See You Again” is now on YouTube. Regular readers know Chimesfreedom is a fan of Marty Brown’s music, and this song is certainly in my top ten Marty Brown songs and one of my favorite songs of all time. “I Don’t Want to See You Again” appears on Brown’s sophomore album from 1993, Wild Kentucky Skies. The album is full of songs written by Brown that I love, but “I Don’t Want to See You” is one of only two songs on the album not written by Brown. It is easy to see why he chose this song written by Jackson Leap, as it suits his voice perfectly. Why do I love the song so much? Well, here are ten reasons.

1. The opening line tells you everything you need to know about the story: “Don’t look so surprised,/ I told you I’d say goodbye/ if you couldn’t just make up your mind.” Perfect.

2. In true empowering kiss-off fashion, the singer wants true love but realizes that the object of his song cannot give him the love he wants and deserves.

3. The singer’s lover apparently has not been a good one, but she is still surprised by the news.

4. The singer not only says goodbye, but he does not want to see or feel his lover again, which is the best way to end a bad relationship.

5. The singer knows that his love will regret losing him (“When your teardrops finally come. . . “).

6. The singer wants it all.

7. The great country guitar riff playing throughout the song.

8. Marty Brown yells “Babeeeee” and then “Yeeeeeeeeah” near the end. The latter is a scream of freedom.

9. Although there is an underlying sadness of two lovers parting ways, the song sounds joyous, capturing the hope for the future.

10. Marty Brown sings it.

What is your favorite kiss-off song? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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