O Me, Does That Apple Commercial About Poetry Sound Familiar?

You may have seen Apple’s new commercial for the iPad. The commercial romanticizes the electronic product, showing how people around the world use it to achieve their dreams — while a familiar voice talks about poetry and quotes Walt Whitman.

The voiceover is from Robin Williams, and you might also recognize the words. The voiceover is taken from the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society, which was directed by Peter Weir. It is a wonderful scene about the importance of poetry. Here is the original scene.

The Whitman quote is from the poem “O Me! O Life!“: “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” The poem appeared in Leaves of Grass.

As a fan of the movie who was moved by the teacher’s speech, I am not sure what I think of it being transformed into a commercial. I am not sure Walt Whitman really meant that we should go buy a commercial product. But maybe the commercial will inspire someone who has not seen the movie, so who am I to judge?

What will your verse be? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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