What You Need to Know for the Final Episodes of “American Idol” Season 13

So like a lot of your friends you have been blowing off American Idol this year, perhaps disgruntled after the fiasco of last year’s judges. But now you have heard this year’s judges have been great and, more importantly, the final three contestants may be the most talented top three in the show’s history. Well, here is a short introduction to the top three so you can watch this coming week, where the contestants visit their homes, and the following week’s finale.

Jena Irene, who is from Farmington Hills, Michigan, started out as a Wild Card selected by the judges for the top 13. Early on, she ended up in the bottom three, but she gradually rose to the top with her unique voice. She has a powerhouse voice that can rival former Idol winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Then, she can turn around and play a ballad on the piano and blow everyone away like she did last week on “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” While once an underdog, she should win the season.

Caleb Johnson is the loud rocker from Asheville, North Carolina who was an early favorite to win the season and many still pick him to win. Johnson has a huge range that he usually uses to belt out powerful rock songs. If he has had a weakness, it has been that most of his songs have been similar power rockers, but those songs really hit his sweet spot. This week, though, he showed more diversity when he did an unusual “slower” song and covered Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.”

Alex Preston is the indy Joseph-Mraz-type artist from Mount Vernon, New Hampshire. One can imagine him having a successful career singing his own songs while he plays acoustic guitar. He has been one of the most inventive artists this season. Like Jena Irene, he is not afraid to put his own twist on the songs. His uniqueness has helped him rise to the top three, surprising many viewers. This week he tackled Coldplay’s “Yellow.”

Awhile ago, I picked all three of these performers to make it to the top five, and American voters did an excellent job keeping the best three for the final two shows. All three of these artists have the potential for successful careers whether or not they win American Idol. My guess is that you will be hearing a lot more from Jena Irene at least, no matter what happens. So you might as well give in and watch.

Who do you think will win American Idol? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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