A Three-Legged Dog & the Wisdom of “Louie”

The wonderful Charles Grodin has now made a couple of short appearances on Louis CK‘s FX television show Louie. In a recent episode during this season, Grodin appeared again as Louie’s cranky Dr. Bigelow, reluctantly dispensing his advice to an eager Louie. What comes out is both wise and hilarious.

When Louie runs into Dr. Bigelow taking his three-legged dog for a walk, Louie seizes the opportunity to ask him about his latest love dilemma. Louie wonders what he should do about a woman he has been seeing who is going to move out of the country. Dr. Bigelow recounts some of the horrors of the world, showing Louie how he should not worry so much about his choice. And then he uses his dog to illustrate how happiness is relative.

Check it out, and you may learn something from Dr. Bigelow, or at least get a few laughs. Charles Grodin’s face at several points along with his sigh after he recounts the horrors of the world are priceless.

Here’s to making the best with what life hands us. Leave your two cents in the comments.

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