Breaking Down the Ending Segment of “Goodfellas”

There are many great scenes in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas (1990). The club entrance scene is probably the most discussed and copied in a variety of places, including a spoof on Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show. But there is also a lot going on with Scorsese’s direction in the final segment following Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) on the day leading to his arrest. In a new video essay, Julian Palmer breaks down the details of those ending scenes.

Palmer, Creative Director and Founder at 1848 Media, discusses Scorsese’s editing and use of techniques.  He explains, for example, how the director uses hand-held cameras to reflect Hill’s paranoia.

Palmer does an excellent job of referencing other films, like The Godfather (1972).  And he even explains the significance of the shots of food.

Check out his video essay, “Last Day of a Wiseguy.”

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