The Killers Christmas: “Dirt Sledding”

Christmas season can only mean one thing, that it is time for the Killers to release their annual Christmas song. Since 2006, the Killers have given us a new Christmas song every year, with all proceeds going to benefit AIDS charities through the Product RED campaign. This year’s song is “Dirt Sledding,” featuring Ryan Pardey and Richard Dreyfuss.

“Dirt Sledding” begins with an atmospheric sound, picking up into a 1950s Elvis Presley rock sound at around the 1:23 mark. You may detect some Big Bopper and Queen influences too.

Pardey has portrayed Santa in several of the Christmas Killers songs, and he does it again here. Actor Richard Dreyfuss is on board to lend his voice at around the 3:13 mark. Check it out.

Every year since the band’s first annual holiday song, the wonderful “A Great Big Sled,” the Killers give us a worthy Christmas song. Last year, the Killers presented us with what should become a Christmas classic, “Joel the Lump of Coal.” While this year’s contribution may not rise to the level of a classic, it is a cool-sounding song for a cool cause.

If you are interested in other Killers Christmas songs, The Guardian and NerdGlow have tried to rank the past songs.

What do you think of “Dirt Sledding”? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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