1970 Radio Interview With Townes Van Zandt

In 1970, Townes Van Zandt sat down for a radio interview with Juliet Brown on Pacifica Radio in Houston, Texas. Through the wonders of the Internet, you may listen to an excerpt of the interview below.

In 1970, Van Zandt’s career was on the upswing after releasing his first three albums: For the Sake of the Song (1968), Our Mother the Mountain (1969), and Townes Van Zandt (1969). His personal life, however, had hit some road bumps as he had recently divorced his first wife Fran Petters.

Van Zandt is engaging and playful in the interview, even reading some news from Paul McCartney about the Beatles. The highlight, though, is when Van Zandt plays his guitar and sings “Nothin'” (around the 3:55 mark).

“Nothin'” would later appear on Van Zandt’s 1971 album Delta Momma Blues.

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