Dion: “New York Is My Home”

Dion Dimucci is releasing a new album, New York Is My Home. The album features ten new songs, mostly co-written by Dion, that focus on Dion’s experience in New York City. On the title track, he is joined by Paul Simon.

The Bronx-born Dion says he knew Paul Simon would understand the song “New York Is My Home” because Simon grew up in Queens. The Italian Tribune quotes Dion stating, “We share a love for rock ’n’ roll street music, the way it was done when we were kids. I knew Paul would ‘get’ this song. And he did.”

Dion released a video for the title track, the first single from the album. Check it out.

Dion has explained that some other songs on the album, like “The Apollo King” and “I’m Your Gangster of Love,” are based upon people Dion knew. Dion imagined “Visionary Heart” as a message that the late Buddy Holly might send to him. For various reasons, Dion remains connected to Buddy Holly in a number of ways. As discussed in more detail in another post, Dion was touring with Holly when Holly was killed in a plane crash.

Dion has continued to create some overlooked outstanding music late in his career, including some fantastic blues albums. So, I’m looking forward to the new music. The album New York Is My Home, which features guitar and keyboards from Jimmy Vivino of Conan O’Brien’s show, is available starting February 12, 2016.

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