Tom Russell Takes Us Into the “Folk Hotel”

Tom Russell‘s upcoming album Folk Hotel features thirteen original songs and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” as a duet with Joe Ely.  One of my favorite albums of the last few years was Russell’s The Rose of Roscrae.  So I’m looking forward to his latest work.

The album features one of Russell’s paintings on the cover.  And one may also buy a lyric book featuring essays, lyrics, and additional paintings.

Uncut describes the new album as “folk-tinged songs about cowboys, Texas, Irish poets, and JFK.” A recent review on No Depression noted that the new album is “a very distinct shift of emphasis back to one man playing guitar and singing songs.”  Heck, Russell even asserts it is his best album to date.

Below is Russell’s promotional video for Folk Hotel. Russell rambles around some stories and then there is a bit of music at the end. Check it out.

Folk Hotel hits stores and the Internet on September 8, 2017.

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