J.T. Van Zandt Remembers His Father Townes Van Zandt

J.T. Van Zandt

YETI, a maker of coolers, created a web series about sons and fathers.  In one of the episodes, entitled “Anchor Point,” Townes Van Zandt’s eldest son J.T. talks about growing up in the shadow of a destructive legend.

In the video, J.T. explains how his relationship with his father led to him finding his own passion for fly fishing.  The short video is a fascinating look at how J.T. found his own path and how he reflects on his father’s legacy. He also talks about how Townes Van Zandt affects the way he is as a father himself. It’s really quite beautiful. Check it out.

Other episodes in the My Old Man series are available online.

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    Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Travel Space in “Passengers”

    Pratt Lawrence

    The trailer for the upcoming movie Passengers shows Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt using all of their charms in outer space. The film looks like it is sort of a rom-com in space, although I suspect there might be a twist or two.

    In the film, Lawrence and Pratt are on a ship traveling to a distant planet with thousands of others in a sleep state. But something goes wrong, waking Lawrence and Pratt 90 years too soon.

    From the trailer, it is difficult to tell whether the movie features a good science fiction story or whether the makers are banking on the two popular leading actors. Still, it looks like it might be worth taking a chance on seeing the movie. Check out the trailer.

    Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum based on a screenplay by Jon Spaihts. Passengers hits theaters on December 21, 2016.

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    Sting Debuts New Song Inspired By Recent Deaths

    Sting 57TH & 9TH

    Sting recently debuted a new song on Later… With Jools Holland.  The song “50,000” was inspired by the recent deaths performers like David Bowie, Prince, Lemmy, and Glenn Frey.

    Sting recently explained that “50,000” reflects on mortality even though it does not mention any of the deceased stars by name.  The number in the title refers to fans singing and raising their hands, while the performer recognizes that the adulation cannot change the fact that he is mortal.

    Check out Sting’s “50,000.”

    “50,000” will appear on Sting’s upcoming album 57TH & 9THwhich hits stores and the Internet on November 11, 2016. As Rolling Stone reports, the album will be Sting’s first “rock” album since 2003 when Sting released Sacred Love.

    What do you think of “50,000”? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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    The Beatles: “Blackpool Night Out” Live Performance

    Beatles Help On August 3, 1965, the Beatles released the album Help! in the United Kingdom, releasing it ten days later in the United States on August 13.  During this time in their careers, the Fab Four were reducing their promotional appearances. So they only appeared on only one U.K. television show to promote the new album, Blackpool Night Out.

    ABC TV made Blackpool Night Out, filming the show at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool, a summer seaside resort city with other connections to John Lennon.  The live broadcast with the Beatles ran from 9.10 pm to 10.05 pm.

    The Beatles performed several songs on the Sunday, August 1, 1965 show.  They started with “I Feel Fine,” “I’m Down,” “Act Naturally,” and “Ticket To Ride.”

    Next, Paul McCartney sang “Yesterday” by himself in the song’s first performance on British television.  The band returned, with Lennon carrying flowers and joking, “Thank you Ringo, that was wonderful.”  The band closed with “Help!” Below you may hear the audio of part of the 1965 show.

    Although some thought the video of the show was lost, a video of the show popped up on YouTube recently. Unfortunately, they had to take it down for copyright issues.

    The album Anthology 2 (1996) included fours songs from this performance, “I Feel Fine,” “Ticket To Ride,” “Yesterday,” and “Help!”

    What is your favorite Beatles TV appearance? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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    John Prine and Susan Tedeschi: “Color of the Blues”

    Color of the Blues

    We recently reported on John Prine’s upcoming album of duets For Better, For Worse and his duet with Iris DeMent on “Who’s Gonna Take the Garbage Out.”  Now, you may listen to another track on the album, “Color of the Blues.”

    Susan Tedeschi joins Prine on the song.  Check out their recording of “Color of the Blues,” which is played over a promotional video for the album.

    The song about a lover’s letter on blue paper was written by George Jones and Lawton Williams. Jones released his original version of “Color of the Blues” on January 15, 1958.

    Below is the original version by Jones.

    Jones recorded the song more than once, and artists such as Loretta Lynn and Elvis Costello have covered it.

    Prine’s album For Better, Or Worse features duets with women artists such as Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Lee Ann Womack, Holly Williams, and Alison Krauss. It hits stores and the Internet on September 30, 2016.

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