“Stay With Me” Because “I Won’t Back Down”

Recently it was revealed that Sam Smith had agreed to pay royalties from his mega-hit “Stay With Me” to Tom Petty because of the similarity between Smith’s song and Petty’s 1989 hit “I Won’t Back Down.” The deal also involved giving credit to Jeff Lynne (of ELO fame), who contributed to Petty’s song.

Prior to the announcement, a number of folks had noticed the similarity between the two songs. Below is on the the mash-ups from YouTube.

Meanwhile, Slate argues that the reason Petty’s representatives have heard similarities between Petty’s songs and other hits at least three times is because Petty’s music uses basic rock and roll progressions. And, they explain, it is hard to avoid the basics. As for Petty, he released a statement saying he has no hard feelings against Sam Smith and understands how these things happen.

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    Jeff Bridges Will Make You Sleepy

    Jeff Bridges Album

    Jeff Bridges has put together an album called Sleeping Tapes that is full of sounds to help you sleep. It appears, though, that the main purpose of the album is not because Bridges is so concerned about your sleep but because it is Super Bowl ad time and the album ties in with a promotion and Super Bowl commercial from Squarespace, a company that wants to help you build your websites.

    Still, it is always fun to see Jeff Bridges being Jeff Bridges. So, check out the ad below.

    If you wish to hear and/or order the album, head over to dreamingwithjeff.com.

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    Ryan Bingham: “Radio”

    Bingham Fear & Saturday Night

    Ryan Bingham, probably best known for his Oscar win for “The Weary Kind” from the Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart (2009), has a new album called Fear & Saturday Night. Most of the new album was recorded live, and the first single is “Radio,” a song about facing a darkness in one’s life.

    Below, Bingham performs “Radio” live in West Hollywood, California at the Filth Mart with Jam in the Van. Check it out.

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    Sometimes I Get a Strange Pain Inside

    One of the great songs of the early 1990s was Concrete Blonde‘s “Joey,” which appeared on the band’s album Bloodletting (1990). Like many great works of art, “Joey” came out of real anguish felt by its writer, Concrete Blonde lead singer Johnette Napolitano.

    Although you may have sung along with lyrics like “Joey I’m not angry anymore,” if you delve deeper into the words of the catchy tune you find great pain. The song captures the feeling of loving someone fighting their own demons, helplessly watching while you cannot do anything as your loved one struggles with addiction: “I just stand by and let you / Fight your secret war.”

    Napolitano wrote the song about her relationship with Marc Moreland of the band Wall Of Voodoo. Napolitano has explained in interviews and her book Rough Mix how painful it was for her to write and record the lyrics.

    Because of that pain, Napolitano kept the band waiting for the song. She initially wrote the music for the song and the band loved it. But Napolitano kept them waiting on the lyrics because she knew that her song about Moreland was going to be heart-wrenching to write. Eventually, the words came all at once to Napolitano, and she wrote them down in a cab on the way to the studio. “Joey” was the last song recorded for the album.
    Concrete Blonde Bloodletting

    And though I used to wonder why,
    I used to cry till I was dry;
    Still sometimes I get a strange pain inside;
    Oh Joey if you’re hurting so am I.

    The song became Concrete Blonde’s biggest hit, eventually hitting #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. After a couple of more albums, the band broke up in 1993, although it would reunite at several points and is together today. The song’s subject, Marc Moreland would eventually die of liver failure in 2002.

    And now you know the story behind the song.

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    Southside Johnny and Springsteen Don’t Wanna Go Home at Benefit

    Don't Wanna Go Home

    On January 17, 2015, Bruce Springsteen made his regular “surprise” appearance at the Light of Day Foundation charity event to raise money to fight Parkinson’s disease. The performance at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, New Jersey featured a number of deep cut Springsteen songs like “This Little Girl,” which was recorded by Gary U.S. Bonds.

    One of the highlights of the show featured an appearance by Southside Johnny, where the two New Jersey singers traded lines on Southside’s classic “I Don’t Want To Go Home,” backed by LaBamba’s Big Band. Check it out.

    Rolling Stone recently wrote about the top ten highlights from Springsteen’s performance at the charity event.

    Leave your two cents in the comments.

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