Richard Pryor’s Place

On December 1 in 1940, the great comedian and actor Richard Pryor was born in Peoria, Illinois.  His early years were rough, with him growing up in a brothel and his mother abandoning him when he was ten.  But he gave us great joy and laughter throughout his life.

Most people remember Pryor’s great standup work and his work in popular movies like Silver Streak (1976).  But did you know he had a short-lived TV show for children?

In 1984, Pryor’s Place ran for a short time on CBS.  The show featured work by puppeteers Sid and Marty Krofft and a theme song by Ray Parker, Jr. (who had a big hit with “Ghostbusters” that year).   But the show was soon cancelled after its debut.

Check out an episode of Pryor’s Place.

What is your favorite appearance by Richard Pryor? Leave your two cents in the comments. Photo via YouTube.

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