What Song Did George Bailey Sing?: A Quiz on Christmas Songs on the Screen

Test your knowledge of the classic songs appearing in movies and holiday television specials with these ten questions (plus a bonus question). How well do you know your Christmas music? Answers and videos of all the songs appear at the end with your score.

1. At the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas, what song do the Peanuts gang sing?

2. The Christmas classic "White Christmas" first appeared in what film?

3. What film first featured the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"?

4. Near the end of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," the Grinch has a transformation when he hears the Who's singing what song?

5. At the end of Scrooged (1988), Bill Murray and the cast sing what song after the small miracle of the child saying "God Bless Us Everyone"?

6. At the end of It's a Wonderful Life, what song do the Baileys and their friends sing after Harry's toast and as Clarence gets his wings?

7. Near the end of Elf (2003), a blonde Zoey Deschanel gets the crowd in Central Park to sing what song to prove their faith in Santa Claus?

8. The holiday classic song "Silver Bells" first appeared in what film?

9. What movie features a washed up rock star singing a Christmas song with the lyrics, "There's no beginning, / There'll be no end / 'Cause on Christmas / You can depend"?

10. Here's your holiday gift: Which television special featured the song, "Holly Jolly Christmas"?

Bonus Question: Which holiday television special featured a duet by Heat Miser and his step-brother Snow Miser?

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    1. as expected, I mainly got the black and white one movies wrong since I’m not at all interested in those. The only color movie I got wrong is Scrooged, which also makes sense b/c of how I feel about Bill Murray.

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