Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On “Meet the Press” After Selma-to-Montgomery March

Most today are familiar with Martin Luther King Jr. giving powerful speeches, but it is rarer to see clips of him engaged in conversation. For MLK Day this year, check out the following video when King appeared on Meet the Press on March 28, 1965. In the video, King discusses voting rights, police brutality, the civil rights movement, and recent nonviolent protests. The interview took place one week after King led the five-day march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to push for voting rights and raise awareness about civil rights violations. A transcript of the interview is available at the King Center website.

It is interesting to see the long interview in context as in the above video. Recently, MSNBC’s Chris Haynes analyzed King’s appearances on Meet the Press from 1960-1966, noting that the questioning often shows that the mainstream media seemed at war with King.

Have a happy Martin Luther King Jr. and inauguration day.

What do you think of King’s appearance on Meet the Press? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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