Steve Earle’s “The Low Highway” Coming Soon

Steve Earle‘s new CD, The Low Highway is scheduled to be released April 16. The cover art indicates that the album will feature his band The Dukes along with the “Duchesses,” which includes his wife Allison Moorer.

The track listings are: 1.The Low Highway; 2. Calico County; 3. Burnin’ It Down; 4. That All You Got?; 5. Love’s Gonna Blow My Way; 6. After Mardi Gras; 7. Pocket Full Of Rain; 8. Invisible; 9. Warren Hellman’s Banjo; 10. Down The Road Pt. II; 11. 21st Century Blues; and 12. Remember Me.

You may listen to “Calico County” at this Rolling Stone link. Earle has been performing “Burnin’ It Down,” another song on the upcoming album, as support of protests against Wal-Mart.

I can’t wait.

Are you excited about the new Steve Earle album? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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