Mickey Mouse Enlists in Viet Nam War

A 1968 silent anti-war film, “Mickey Mouse in Viet Nam,” has been circulating on the Internet recently. In the video, which runs not much more than a minute, Mickey heads off to war in Viet Nam, and the ending is not happy.

Milton Glaser and Lee Savage created the very short film for an Angry Arts Festival. While there were rumors that a Disney lawsuit kept the film underground, the truth, as explained on Slate, was that Glaser and Savage just moved on to other things after creating the film for the festival. For example, Glaser created the “I ‘heart’ NY” logo and founded New York Magazine. And, there was no Internet in those days to keep videos circulating. Today, though, we do have the Internet, so check out “Mickey Mouse in Viet Nam.”

What do you think of “Mickey Mouse in Viet Nam”? Leave your two cents in the comments.

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